What are the top 10 celebrity endorsements in the gambling industry this year?

It is important to note that the ranking of celebrity endorsements can be subjective and may vary depending on personal opinions and preferences. However, based on significant marketing campaigns and partnerships, the following list presents 10 notable celebrity endorsements in the gambling industry in recent years:

1. Cristiano Ronaldo – Signed with PokerStars in 2015 as their brand ambassador.
2. Neymar Jr. – Became a global ambassador for PokerStars in 2015.
3. Usain Bolt – Partnered with PokerStars in 2017 to promote their brand.
4. Conor McGregor – Worked with betting company PariMatch in various promotional campaigns.
5. Michael Buffer – Known for his iconic “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” catchphrase, Buffer has endorsed various casino and gambling brands.
6. Mike Tyson – Signed a deal with Bookmaker.eu in 2020, becoming their ambassador.
7. Wayne Rooney – Became an ambassador for 32Red, an online casino brand, in 2016.
8. Ray Winston – Known for his roles in gambling-themed movies, Winston has appeared in several Bet365 TV advertisements.
9. Rafael Nadal – Joined PokerStars as a brand ambassador and represents the company in various promotional activities.
10. Jamie Foxx – Collaborated with BetOnline.ag, an online gambling site, in their marketing campaigns.

It’s worth mentioning that new endorsements and partnerships can emerge throughout the year, so this list may not represent the most current celebrity endorsements in the gambling industry.

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