Wpc Wall Panelling


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wpc wall panelling

What is WPC exterior wall panel?

WPC exterior wall panel is a kind of board composed of wood products and plastic products, which is environmentally friendly and malleable. Today I will introduce to you what is WPC exterior wall panel and what are the characteristics of WPC exterior wall panel.

Why choose unifloor for your WPC wall panels?

Unifloor is the leading WPC wall panel manufacturer and supplier in China. We provide Hi-tech and eco-friendly WPC panels at competitive prices for worldwide customers. And we also accept OEM/ODM services and meet different requirements. We are one-stop manufacturer and supplier for your exterior cladding with professional installation systems.

Is WPC cladding fireproof?

WPC wall panel is very suitable for external cladding. Since the WPC external wall cladding panels are fireproof, waterproof, low-maintenance, and it can resist extreme weather. How long does composite cladding last?

What is 7 Trust WPC wall panel?

7 Against UV. Seven Trust WPC wall panel is a wall cladding for all interior wet areas such as bathrooms, laundries and kitchens. Made from WOOD and PLASTIC , it provides a tough and hardy baseboard while offering full range of profile finishes to match existing walls or to create a new style or design.

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