What are the top 10 biggest casino heists reported worldwide this year?

As an AI language model, I can provide information on some notable casino heists reported worldwide in recent years. However, since I don’t have access to real-time data, I cannot provide a list of the top 10 biggest casino heists reported specifically for this year. Here are ten notable casino heists from the past:

1. Bellagio Casino, Las Vegas (2019): A man disguised in a wig and sunglasses stole around $1.5 million in casino chips before being apprehended.

2. Crown Casino, Melbourne (2013): An international crime syndicate hacked into the casino’s surveillance system and stole valuable information about high roller clients, resulting in losses estimated at $32 million.

3. Stardust Casino, Las Vegas (1992): This infamous heist involved a team that rigged the slot machines in order to win large sums of money, resulting in millions in stolen funds.

4. Crown Casino, Melbourne (2011): A VIP host conspired with an accomplice to steal $32 million using the casino’s own internal surveillance system.

5. Banco Central, Fortaleza, Brazil (2005): Although not a casino heist, it was the biggest cash theft in history. Criminals spent months digging a tunnel to the Banco Central’s vault and stole approximately $70 million.

6. Crown Casino, Perth (2018): A high-stakes gambler snuck out $33 million worth of casino chips, but he was later caught, and the chips were recovered.

7. Ritz Casino, London (2017): A group of Eastern European criminals used electronic devices to cheat at roulette, resulting in the theft of £1.3 million.

8. Casino de Céret, France (2009): Two armed men robbed the casino and made away with €200,000 before being pursued and apprehended.

9. Casino Gran Madrid, Spain (2012): A group of thieves stormed the casino with firearms and made off with approximately €200,000.

10. Casino Queen, Illinois (2012): An armed man stole $43,000 by threatening the staff and customers. He was later caught and arrested.

Keep in mind that these incidents occurred in various years and may not be limited to just this year. Information on the most recent casino heists can be obtained by referencing news sources or crime reports from the current year.

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